Our Story

Founded by Jeffrey Stinson, Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery is a family business with a lot of heart.

We have 2 locations, a café located in the Lake Shore West community of Long Branch, and our café and roastery down the street in Mississauga.

Fair Grounds is dedicated to providing our customers with fresh, Fair Trade, and organic products.

By choosing Fair Trade products, we and our customers are making a choice to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions, and promote sustainability.

Our History

Fair Grounds—unlike most coffee shops—did not start out as a business plan.

Rather, it was born of a passion for supporting communities abroad, in their attempts to sell quality products at a fair price.

What started out as a hobby…

While doing research about coffee for another business, owner Jeffrey Stinson learned that not only is coffee the most sprayed crop next to cotton, but that farmers are actually losing money in its production and being further pushed into poverty. Upon gaining this knowledge, he decided this was an important cause to support, and roasting coffee seemed like an interesting hobby.

So he began roasting coffee with a friend in a warehouse, selling the beans at local farmer’s markets.

A passion becomes a thriving business

The passion that Jeffrey developed for this cause has never wavered, and what began as a hobby has grown into a flourishing business.

Fair Grounds operates 2 retail café locations, and distributes the more than 30 varieties of blends, swiss water decafs, and regional coffees wholesale. All coffee varieties are also available as unroasted green beans for home roasting.

Visit either of our café locations to pick up a bag of your favourite Fair Grounds coffee, or order online and have it delivered right to your door!

Making a choice for change

Our Commitment

Fair Grounds is dedicated to providing people with fresh, fair trade, certified organic products.

What does this mean?

By choosing fair trade products, we are making a choice to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions, while promoting sustainability.

At Fair Grounds, all of our coffees are certified organic—meaning that the beans are grown without any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Healthier soil and water means healthier people!

So, not only do we offer an alternative ethical choice to consumers, with products that aid in developing communities abroad, we also provide a healthy choice to benefit our own community.

Together we are making a choice for change.

Only the Very Best

The Personal Touch

You know you are in the right place when you can smell the scent of freshly roasted coffee wafting onto the streets of Lake Shore West.

It is our attention to detail and a passion for what we do that allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of ethical, delicious, fresh, healthier coffee.

Freshness is key

Coffee beans are like bread, and depending on the origin and method of storage, coffee flavour peaks from 24 hours to 7 days after roasting. Knowing exactly where, when, and who roasted your coffee offers a personal touch with maximum freshness.

Our beans are roasted by people who care about quality, who want to ensure you thoroughly enjoy (what is to some) the most important drink of the day.

With maximum control over the flavour profiles, you will be sure to find a roast that suits your tastes perfectly.

The Perfect Roast

The care that goes into perfecting your coffee roast also goes into the creation of your perfect in-house coffee drink.

At Fair Grounds, you are guaranteed a flawlessly crafted espresso drink or a cup of tasty coffee—made just for you.

Our regulars will tell you about our friendly Baristas, who start their drinks before they even walk in the door! Each Barista is well-educated about every coffee roast we offer—starting from where the beans are grown—to how to prepare the coffee perfectly.

Treat Yourself

On top of this, Fair Grounds offers a selection of freshly in-house baked treats that will compliment your coffee perfectly.

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