Fair Grounds Organic Cafe & Roastery

Vacuum pot

The vacuum pot coffee maker is as close as one can get to making espresso coffee without the use of an espresso coffee machine. The vacuum pot (or "balanced siphon") method is a stove-top coffee brewing method. The vacuum pot itself is made up of 3 separate parts.

The bottom part generally holds cold water prior to the coffee preparation. The center part of the vacuum coffee pot maker holds the coffee grounds, which are generally coarse ground, although less coarse than the French Press method. This central part acts like a filter and simply drops into place inside the opening of the bottom water compartment. The top of the vacuum pot maker is where the brewed coffee is deposited. This part is screwed tightly in place on top of bottom part that holds the cold water.

The vacuum pot is then placed on a stove burner. Once the water reaches boiling point, the steam is forced up a chamber through the center part of the vacuum pot that holds the coffee grounds. The coffee is extracted from the grounds by the force of the steam and as the steam condenses the liquid coffee is forced up a second chamber into the top holding compartment of the vacuum pot. The result is a full-bodied, rich tasting coffee with espresso characteristics.

Type of grind recommended: medium