Fair Grounds Organic Cafe & Roastery

Grind Guide

Proper grinds with the proper machine make a difference:

  • Use coarse grounds with a French press;
  • Use medium grounds with an electric drip, percolator, vacuum, stove-top espresso maker and cold water brewer;
  • Use fine grounds in an es presso machine or with a cone-shaped electric drip filter.

Coffee tips

Opt for an air-tight, double-walled stainless steel travel mug. It will keep coffee warm longer and hold in taste.

Store coffee in an air-tight container in a dark place at room temperature. The oils of coffee will congeal in the refrigerator.

When making coffee, use very clean and cold water for the best taste. About 90 percent of coffee is water.

Clean whichever coffee maker you prefer well. Oils from the grounds turn rancid if left clinging to the walls too long.

Transfer any coffee into an insulated pitcher or carafe to protect flavor and temperature from oxygen, light and temperature.

Grind beans yourself if you have the time and means. Coffee stores better in the bean form. Fresh grounds produce a better tasting coffee.